How to Take Care of Sensitive Skin and Strengthen the Hydrolipidic Barrier?

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin requires exceptional treatment. Often it does not tolerate touch, rubbing, strong cleansing, as well as many ingredients in skin care products. People with this type of skin often have a big problem with the selection of care products – after using some of them, redness is showing, the skin bakes, it itches, it can also be warm to the touch. Sometimes imperfections or a feeling of tightness may appear. Sensitive skin usually reacts strongly to external factors such as temperature changes or stress.

Our skin sends us clear signals when it does not tolerate something (just like our body). However, in the case of sensitive skin, the hydrolipidic barrier is damaged to such an extent that the vast majority of cosmetics or treatments are perceived as dangerous. The skin’s hydrolipidic barrier is an invisible protective coat made of water and lipids, which protects our skin from external factors – too high or low temperature, pollution or microorganisms. It is also responsible for maintaining proper skin hydration. If this layer becomes weak, the skin becomes sensitive and overreactive. How to take care of the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier? How to take care of sensitive skin?

Let’s give up on strong cleansing

Sensitive skin - cleansing

Cleansing products with strong detergents contribute to the damage of the skin’s natural protective coat. It is worth giving them up in favour of gentle washing gels. For everyday face washing, Washing Gel with Peach Extract from Resibo will be perfect. It effectively removes impurities thanks to a delicate coconut detergent and at the same time provides valuable nutrients, such as moisturising plant betaine and protective oat extract. 

As little touch as possible

Sensitive skin does not like frequent touching and rubbing – redness and irritation usually occur. We recommend Resibo MELT AWAY Balm Cleanser for makeup removal, which does not need cotton pads, our hands are enough! Mango butter and grapeseed oil will dissolve make-up and other impurities perfectly without irritating the skin. It’s worth using a spray for toning our skin – this will restore the skin’s proper pH, but we don’t have to rub it in. The ideal solution in this case will be to use Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki St. John’s Wort Hydrolate – it has an antibacterial and soothing effect.

Be careful what you apply to your sensitive skin

Sensitive skin - natural skincare

Sensitive skin has a weak tolerance for strong preservatives, strong detergents, dyes and artificial fragrances. The manufacturers of natural skincare products resign from adding these ingredients to their products and replace them with softer, more skin-tolerant formulas.

For those who are struggling with sensitive skin we recommend SVOJE 20% Hemp Light Face Cream – the composition of this cream is very simple, based on a soothing infusion of lavender and hemp oil rebuilding the protective layer of the skin. Alpha-bisabololol, a substance from camomile extract, which is responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties, and D-panthenol help to soothe irritations. The cream can be used not only on the face, but also wherever the skin needs to be soothed and protected.

Resibo SOS Rescue Cream also works very well in strengthening the hydrolipidic skin barrier. As the name suggests, this product is for special purposes – it is worth using it in case of skin irritation. Blackcurrant oil, Abyssinian oil, cupuacu butter, shea and mango effectively replenish the insufficient amount of lipids in the skin and regenerate it, while low-molecular hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan from oats retain water in the epidermis.

If you are struggling with constant redness of your skin, you will certainly need BB cream. It will cover the red areas on your skin, as well as soften over-reactive skin and protect it against UV radiation. A great product for this type of skin will be the Gentle Moisturizing BB Cream SPF 15 from Vianek – it will unify the skin tone with natural pigments and soothe it with allantoin. There are two shades available – light and dark, so there is something for everyone.

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