Take care of yourself this autumn! Create a SPA day in your own home.

Home SPA

Autumn is a somewhat nostalgic time when we slow down after an intensive summer and take a break from the heat. We pamper our body with a warm blanket and aromatic tea, watching our favourite series or reading a good book. But let’s not forget about the skin at this time of year – it wants our attention too! Perhaps it needs exfoliation and a solid dose of hydration after frequent exposure to the sun? Maybe your hair has become dry and difficult to comb? Today, we recommend what cosmetics to use for your SPA at home.

SPA – A feast for the body and senses

SPA, or Salus Per Aquam, as the name suggests, is “health through water”. So it is worth starting with a bath or shower. But it doesn’t have to be a boring activity – thanks to products with wonderful, wrapping scents, it will become a pleasure!

If you like bathing in a bathtub, we have sparkling bath bombs scented with lilac from Anwen. Bath bombs contain three natural oils: coconut, macadamia, and avocado. Selected to smooth, and moisturise the skin while bathing, and also calm it down after a stressful day. In addition, we suggest exfoliating the epidermis using Resibo Regenerating Body Scrub, which smells of citrus, vanilla and cinnamon. This product is a mixture of Dead Sea salt and sugar, which will gently but effectively get rid of dead skin, as well as lotus extract and sesame, sunflower and avocado oils. Thanks to these natural emollients the skin will be moisturised just like after using the lotion! The body scrub also contains skin regenerating vitamin E.

After taking a bath, it is worthwhile to reach for rich body butter. In the autumn our skin usually dries out more, so it may need more concentrated cosmetics. Hagi Cosmetics brand offers their Protective Body Pomades – they come in a very interesting and comfortable form of a stick. In the autumn we recommend Body Pomade with Sea Buckthorn Oil, mainly due to its stimulating citrus fragrance and strongly regenerating properties of buckthorn oil and shea butter, which will soothe skin tired of sunbathing. If you prefer softer cosmetic formulas, the fluffy Cinnamon & Vanilla Body Butter from Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki, which is based on, among others, shea butter, coconut and jojoba oils and vitamin E, will certainly work. It has the consistency of thick cream, however, it’s absorbed quickly and has a spicy and oriental aroma!

Let’s not forget about our face and hair!

For facial skin regeneration we recommend Resibo Instant Beauty Mask. This cosmetic has a multi-directional effect. It effectively firms the skin thanks to the chicory oligosaccharide. It also rebuilds the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier through the action of a bioactive ceramide analogue obtained from the Limnanthes alba plant. Wheat germ oil and sea buckthorn have strong moisturising properties thanks to the presence of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and rhubarb root extract. Vitamins C and E have a brightening and antioxidant effect. After leaving the mask on for about 20-30 minutes, we can enjoy firm, moisturised and brightened skin.

During this kind of face treatment, you may want to apply a conditioner or a mask to your hair, which is suitable for its porosity. If your hair has become dull after the summer and lacks nourishment and moisture, you may want to use Wheat and Cocoa Sprouts Mask for High Porosity Hair or Grapes and Keratin Medium Porous Hair Mask from Anwen. Hair masks from Anwen provide a solid dose of nourishment and moisture, which hair needs after excessive UV exposure. The division of cosmetics based on hair porosity makes it possible for everyone to find the perfect product for themselves. Turban Wrap It Up from Anwen made of breathable, absorbent and smooth cotton with a rubber loop protects hair during facial treatments.

To make your home SPA even more pleasant, we suggest lighting a vegan, Natural Soy Candle from Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki with a spicy scent. Essential oils from oranges, cloves, cinnamon and pine will put us in a relaxed mood. Thanks to this fragrance, autumn will no longer be associated solely with cold and rain! Moreover, regular inhalation of such natural essential oils will also help us strengthen our immunity.

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