10 Best Products for High Porosity Hair

10 best products for high porosity hair

High porosity hair is characterised by a split cuticle, which tends to frizz and tangle and is difficult to comb. As a rule, they are also dry. They dry out quickly after shampooing and it is difficult to keep them moisturised. They lack shine and nourishment. This is often the case with curly hair, but straight or wavy hair can also have high porosity. We can be born with it, but we can also cause it by frequent exposure to high temperatures or improper care. Does this description remind you of your hair? Then let us show you 10 best products for high porosity hair that you can find in Planteco.

Choosing the right shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo is very important – washing your scalp and hair should be gentle and not over-drying. It is worth buying shampoos with mild detergents and moisturising ingredients.

Sylveco’s Conditioning Shampoo with Betulin is a perfect choice for dry, damaged and highly porous hair. The balm gently but effectively cleanses, moisturises and nourishes hair, thanks to the presence of karite butter and jojoba oil. Betulin, derived from birch bark extract, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Biolaven Daily Haircare Shampoo will also work well – the vinegar oil present in it will make your hair soft and smooth, and the lavender oil will strengthen it. The detergents in this shampoo are gentle and will certainly benefit even the most sensitive scalp.

Choosing the right shampoo

Maintaining the right PEH balance

High Porosity Hair Conditioners

Maintaining the right PEH balance (Proteins, Emollients and Humectants) is fundamental for all hair types. The key is to provide hair with the ingredients it needs the most. High porosity hair tends to lack emollients and humectants – and not just any ingredients, as not all work well for this particular hair profile. This is where Anwen brand comes in. They have created special conditioners to help maintain the right PEH balance – each with ingredients that suit different porosities, making haircare a pure pleasure. The best conditioner set for high porosity is Emollient Rose, Moisturising Lilac and Protein Orchid. You can mix them together or use them separately depending on what’s going on with your hair. Frizz and static? This is a sign that your hair is lacking emollients. Rough and dull? You need to provide them with humectants. Your hair is brittle and looks damaged? Time for proteins!

High Porosity Hair Masks

Hair masks are also a great idea for maintaining PEH balance. Anwen offers the Wheat and Cocoa Sprouts Mask for High Porosity Hair which, thanks to its blend of wheat germ oil and cocoa butter, as well as panthenol, honey and glycerin, will add shine, smooth and nourish. If you don’t like to wait for your mask to absorb, we recommend the Sleeping Beauty High Porosity Night Mask, which works while you sleep! Simply apply to dry hair, secure with Wrap It Up turban and wash your scalp and hair with a shampoo in the morning. You can also use it in the traditional way or with the OMO method, which is using a mask or conditioner before washing your hair with a shampoo.

Rose and Honey Hair Mask from Nowa Kosmetyka is also a strongly moisturising and nourishing mask. A combination of oils ideal for high porosity (linseed and rose fruit oils) and honey, squalane and vitamin E will take care of proper regeneration of dry and frizzy hair.

Hair oiling and protecting hair ends

For those of you who love to oil your hair, we recommend Anwen’s Passion Oil for Highly Porous Hair – it’s a ready blend of wheat germ, linseed and apple seed oils suitable for this hair type. It’s also worth getting this oil for its exotic scent! You can also use this product to protect the ends of your hair. The special Happy Ends Serum from the same company is also great for this purpose – the right formula and carefully selected ingredients effectively protect the ends from splitting and damage. It contains excellent emollients such as evening primrose, babassu, broccoli, cupacu, murumuru and mango butters.

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