Choose the right face mask for your skin type!

The right face mask for your skin

A face mask is the perfect way to complement our daily skincare routine. The abundance of natural active ingredients they contain is perfect for dealing with major skin problems and supporting your daily skincare routine. Today we present you the best natural face masks selected for each skin type!

Dry, dehydrated, mature skin

Are you tired of dry skin or do you feel that your skin is constantly tight and that the first wrinkles have already appeared? The Resibo Instant Beauty Mask will certainly solve these problems thanks to sodium hyaluronate, rhubarb root extract and trehalose, which intensively and moisturise the skin, smooth it and protect it from drying out. A bioactive analogue of ceramides rebuilds our hydrolipid barrier, which limits the escape of water from the epidermis. Wheat germ oil, shea butter and kokum butter provide strong nourishment for the skin, while sea buckthorn oil provides antioxidation (it has plenty of vitamin C!) and protects the skin from UV radiation. The mask visibly improves skin tone, adds radiance to the skin and regenerates and soothes irritations.

Revitalising and Relaxing Chocolate Orange Face Mask from Iossi is great for mature skin or skin with the first signs of ageing. Red Clay firms and detoxifies the skin, effectively cleanses pores and smooths, so the complexion looks revitalised, full of radiance and wrinkles are no longer so visible. Copaiba lotion has an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect, while cocoa butter powder protects against skin ageing thanks to its antioxidants. Sweet orange oil gives the mask a fresh citrus aroma, which always lifts the mood! It is a good idea to mix this mask with a hydrolate – here we suggest moisturising Damask Rose hydrolate from Cztery Szpaki and add a few drops of Iossi Rosehip Brightening Serum. These additional products will make it easier to apply the mask and will strengthen its effect.

Combination and oily skin, acne

The All Clean Creamy Purifying Clay Mask, also from Resibo, is best for such problems. The base is pink clay which, combined with oat ferment, gently cleanses the epidermis and soothes inflammation. Pomegranate and soapberry extracts prevent the growth of bacteria and regulate sebum secretion. The addition of Centella Asiatica extract and sodium hyaluronate soothes the skin and deeply moisturises it, while avocado oil, a true vitamin bomb, effectively regenerates and nourishes. After the first use, you will immediately notice the cleansed pores, a reduction in the number of blackheads, and your skin will become significantly smoother.

A great option (especially on holiday!) is to use the Normalizing Face Mask from Vianek – its convenient sachet form allows you to take it with you on holiday! The mask is based on green clay, the most antibacterial and purifying clay of all, and activated charcoal, which is great for detoxifying and reducing excessive sebum production.

Couperose skin, discolouration

If your main problem is visible “spider veins” and a tendency to erythema, we recommend the Cranberry Rosehip Antioxidant Red Clay Mask from Iossi. Red Clay is made for skin that blushes easily – the richness of the minerals it contains reduces erythema and revitalises the skin. It also improves skin tone and gently cleanses the skin. Rosehip extract, rich in vitamin C, effectively strengthens blood vessel walls, thanks to which they do not dilate so easily under the influence of blood pressure and are less visible on the skin, as well as lightens discolourations. Cranberry extract, in turn, has an antioxidant effect and slows down the formation of wrinkles. This mask is in a powder form, it is worth adding your favourite hydrolate (e.g. Yarrow HydrolateCztery Szpaki) and also a few drops of oil or oil serum (e.g. Face Serum with Red Clover Flower and Vitamin C from Cztery Szpaki) – thanks to this we will enrich it with additional active ingredients!

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