How to recognize your skin type and why is it crucial in your skin care?

The skin is the basis for our beauty, which is why its type and the safety of its needs are so important. Each of us has a unique skin type that requires special attention and care.

Do our quick test and check your skin type 馃槉

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser

2.Dry it

3.After 30-60 minutes, look at your face and notice where your skin is tight and place a tissue on individual parts of your face and check where sebum has secreted.


鈥⒙犅營f your skin feels like this, tight and red, this is a sign of dry skin. for more details please visit here

鈥⒙犅營f, however, the skin is shiny, especially in the T zone (forehead, nose, chin) – you have oily skin. for more details please visit here

鈥⒙營f your skin varies in different applications, for example it is the same on the cheeks but shiny in the T-zone – this is your skin type apply. for more details please visit here

鈥⒙營f you have not noticed any special features on your face, i.e. your skin is limited and not integrated with visibility or dryness – you can choose from normal skin, you are available to a lucky person! Want to access more of it? for more details please visit here.

Of course, do not forget that although our simple test may be hidden from you, regarding your skin type, the final diagnosis and exclusion must be determined by a specialist. For a detailed analysis and control of your skin, we always recommend consulting a dermatologist or cosmetologist who will be able to obtain detailed information about your skin and detailed information regarding application, individual use and skin conditions. Remember that caring for your skin is the key to its health and beauty, so don’t hesitate to consult an expert to access your skin.