Combination Skin Care

Combination skin – is a combination of two different skin types, usually dry and oily. It is characterized by shiny skin in the T zone (forehead, nose, chin) and dry skin in other areas of the face, e.g. on the cheeks. This type of skin can be particularly difficult to care for because it requires a combination of different skin needs in different areas of the face and cosmetics that help control sebum production in the T-zone while moisturizing dry areas of the skin.

Here’s what your beauty routine should look like:

Make-up removal and skin cleansing
Use a gentle facial cleansing gel or foam that effectively removes impurities and excess sebum, but does not dry out the skin. Products with ingredients like salicylic acid, clay or aloe are ideal because they help regulate oiliness in the T-zone while being gentle on drier areas of the skin.

Start by removing your makeup by choosing the following products:

Choose an alcohol-free toner that helps restore the skin’s natural pH and prepares it for further care steps. Toners with aloe, rose water or plant extracts are ideal as they soothe and moisturize the skin.

What do we recommend?

Take advantage of: