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Naturalne kosmetyki do pielęgnacji twarzy
kosmetyki naturalne do włosów

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Anwen Humectant Pear Leave In Conditioner


Does your hair need hydration? Humectant Pear is the conditioner to deal with it! The light formula does not overload hair. The conditioner is suitable for all types of hair porosity. It also helps to create curls and waves.


Anwen Emollient Apricot Leave In Conditioner


Are you looking for smooth and shiny hair? Emollient Apricot is the right conditioner for you! The light formula does not overload hair. The conditioner is suitable for styling waves and curls. It also helps to achieve the perfect smoothness on straight hair. Emollient Apricot is recommended for high porosity hair.


Anwen Protein Lychee Leave In Conditioner


Looking for something to regenerate and nourish your hair and give them more elasticity? Protein Lychee will be perfect!


Anwen Grow Me Tender Herbal Warming Scalp Lotion


Are you growing your hair? Or maybe you are struggling with hair loss and want to stimulate your roots? Grow Me Tender is a herbal scalp treatment that will help you.


Promotional products

Vianek Ultra Gentle Body Butter Best before 4/21

£0.01 £7.59

Rich soothing moisturizer combining the deep conditioning action of coconut oil with calming valerian extract. Enriched with beeswax and glycerin to speed regeneration and help rebuild the hydro-lipid barrier. Alleviates irritation, softens, and leaves skin feeling relaxed and comfortable. Regular use visibly improves smoothness and offers lasting protection against dryness and flaking.


Best before: 04/21

BeBio Natural Conditioner for Dry Hair

£5.29 £5.49

BeBio natural conditioner for dry hair with extracts of lime, avocado, fig and fenugreek. Ideal for frequent use for dry hair. The conditioner is based on the cationic component obtained from vegetable oils, which conditions the hair, prevents static and gives it a silky look.


BeBio Natural Shampoo for Frizzy Hair

£6.19 £6.49

BeBio natural shampoo for frizzy, curly and difficult to style hair with blue algae and green algae extracts. Ideal for frequent use for frizzy, curly and difficult to style hair.


Hagi Cosmetics Nourishing Cream with Gardenia and Rhubarb

£8.99 £15.49

It’s time for nourishment. It’s time to train your skin. This naturally nourishing and moisturizing cream was created to answer the needs of dry skin lacking shine. It contains rhubarb root complex, which acts as a coach, motivating the body’s self-protecting mechanisms. Caring for your skin daily will activate the processes of adequate moisturizing and oiling. Expertly selected nourishing ingredients: oils of avocado, macadamia and sweet almonds, mango seed butter, monoi oil, and squalane, will keep both young and mature skin in good condition. Rosewater, aloe leaf juice and green tea leaf extract strengthen the moisturizing and nourishing effect. Flowery scents of Damask rose and Tahitian gardenia brings you comfort and the feeling of being naturally taken care of.


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