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Anwen Bee My Baby Detangling Spray Conditioner for Kids


Is it possible to avoid tears while brushing children’s hair? Oh, yes. Now it is. The light spray Bee My Baby makes hair smoother, easier to comb, and less likely to tangle.


Anwen Bee My Baby Hair Conditioner


No more kids’ drama while detangling. No more haystack after shampooing. Bee My Baby conditioner is the perfect solution to make the last step of your children’s hair care enjoyable.


Anwen Shake Your Hair Nutricosmetic – Refill


A daily portion of Shake Your Hair will supplement your diet with key ingredients for health, condition and appearance of your hair.

360 g (30 days of treatment)

Anwen SPAnwen Acacia Soy Candle


Anwen candles were inspired by our clients. Their acacia scent perfectly goes with the bath bombs of the same fragrance harmonizes with the whole line of Anwen products. Environmental responsibility and less waste approach have been a priority to us also when making candles.


Anwen Turban Wrap It Up (black)


Turban Wrap It Up, made of breathable, absorbent and smooth cotton, is the best friend of every woman who consciously cares for her hair. Thanks to the small addition of elastane, it stays great on your head and the rubber loop protects it from accidental unwinding.

Anwen Wooden Hairbrush


Thoroughly combed hair without tugging, breaking or pulling? This wooden hairbrush can do it all… and more.

This wide, rectangular paddle brush gently brushes even long, thick hair. It does not increase static. Thanks to its flexible plastic pins and 100% rubber air cushion, it is also suitable for scalp massage.

Cztery Szpaki Birch Tar Liquid Soap for Skin Problems


Cztery Szpaki Birch Tar Soap is a soap for special tasks, invaluable in the fight against skin diseases such as psoriasis, dandruff and eczema. And at the same time the first one with such a specific, unique and highly controversial aroma.



Cztery Szpaki Delicate Cream Deodorant, Tangerine Fragrance


Cztery Szpaki Delicate Cream Deodorant is a cosmetic that does not block the natural process of sweating. It absorbs excess sweat, has bactericidal properties, soothes irritations, and leaves a long-lasting feeling of freshness. The tangerine fragrance version has a sweet, fresh scent noticeable during application and for some time afterwards. The lack of soda in its composition makes the product ideal for people with very sensitive skin, prone to irritation and allergies. Cosmetic not only for women but also for men.


Hagi Baby Body and Hair Gel with Sweet Almond Oil

£8.07 £9.49

For washing, splashing, and fun. For bathtime antics. For bodies that are tiny, bigger, and very big. For barely-there hair and thick manes. Every bathtime is our gel-time. Contains very delicate cleaning agents sourced from coconut, sweet almond oil, inulin, d-panthenol, and aloe gel, as well as precious extracts of cotton and cornflower. It’s pure pleasure for you and your baby.

For washing little bodies and hair during bathtime.

Dermatologically tested. Formula consulted with paediatricians.


Hagi Baby Body Oil with Poppy Seed Oil


Can there be anything nicer than hugging, stroking, and kissing a newborn baby? Touch, so important in the first stage of human life, creates a bond. Our oil was created to make your rituals of massaging and petting sweeter and easier. Fractionated olive and coconut oils form a light base. Oils of apricot kernel, poppy seed and jojoba soften and oil the skin. This light and delicate mixture is perfect for little and bigger children every time their skin needs oiling, and they need stroking.

For use on clean, damp skin.

Dermatologically tested. Formula consulted with paediatricians.


Hagi Baby Face and Body Cream with Apricot Kernel Oil


Three remarkably delicate oils: apricot kernel, rice, and poppy seed meet in this cream to satisfy the care needs of your baby. Expertly selected ingredients: shea and cocoa butter, aloe vera gel, d-panthenol, and squalane, together with precious cotton and cornflower extracts will help keep sensitive skin moist and protected. Our cream is good for after a bath, after playtime, and every time you feel like using it. For little and big ones, and even mums.

Use on clean and dry skin.

Dermatologically tested. Formula consulted with paediatricians.


Hagi Baby Nappy Cream with Hemp Oil Best before 12/21

£5.24 £10.49

Matters of the bum are of paramount importance. Nobody likes it when it hurts, itches, or stings. This cream is an answer to every little person’s great need. Use every time you change the nappy to protect sensitive skin from irritation. The cream contains sweet almond and hemp oils, shea butter, and lanolin. It leaves a delicate film on the skin preventing moisture loss. The high content of d-panthenol and aloe leaf gel soothes irritation. All of this for a healthy bum.

For use on clean and dry skin every time you change the nappy.

Dermatologically tested. Formula consulted with paediatricians.


Hagi Baby Soap with Rice Oil

£5.09 £5.99

This soap likes to play! You are holding a real, traditional bar, hand-made from vegetal oils of rice, coconut, castor, apricot kernel, olive, and organic cocoa butter. Contains precious extracts of cotton and cornflower. The soft lather cares delicately for the skin, cleaning it after every-day frolics. Recommended for sensitive skin. Contains no added fragrance.

For washing little hands and bodies.

Dermatologically tested. Formula consulted with paediatricians.


Hagi Cosmetics Moments Soy Candle

£12.32 £14.49

Hagi’s MOMENTS candle is an environmentally-friendly product based on soy wax and natural essential oils of orange, star anise, clove, labdanum, sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla.

It will give you a warm feeling and envelop you in the natural scent of resin. Hagi Cosmetic’s candle is 100% vegan and hand-made.

Invite orange, patchouli, sandalwood, cloves, and labdanum into your home.


Iossi Lavender Chamomile Baby Cream

£8.49 £9.99

A natural protective cream for demanding baby and child skin from the first day of life. It perfectly soothes irritations, moisturises and lubricates. The water-free formula protects sensitive skin against the harmful effects of low temperatures and wind. The cream can be used on the face and for the whole body.


Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki “Duck” Body Oil


Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki “Duck” Body Oil is a delicate oil for care, bathing, and massage, which can be used on children from the first day of life. It contains oils from apricot kernels, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, and marigold extract, thanks to which it softens, soothes, and nourishes the skin. Just add a few drops to the bath or massage into gently moist skin – it leaves it smooth and is absorbed instantly.


Best before: 11/05/21

Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Birch Tar Soap for Skin Problems


Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Birch Tar Soap is a soap for special tasks. Added in 2% soap mass, birch tar is obtained during the dry distillation process of birch wood, called pyrolysis. It has antiseptic, bactericidal, disinfectant, antipruritic, anti-dandruff, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties. In addition, birch tar has the effect of mild anesthesia, which has a positive effect on the well-being of people with skin problems. This excellent soap should handle, among others itching, acne, dandruff (yes – you can wash your hair with it), blackheads.


Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Bogatka Soy Candle


Bogatka Soy Candle is based on soy wax with a floral and a bit of exotic aroma. It has a pleasant aroma of orange, bergamot, and ylang-ylang – it is fresh, a little sweet, and relaxing. Of all the “bird” candles, Bogatka is the most delicate. The burning time of a candle is about 30 hours, and the capacity of the jar is 100 grams. Bogatka is a vegan candle, created without using animal raw materials.

Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Brave Duo – Oaksnatcher and Mountaincrusher Soap


Oaksnatcher and Mountaincrusher have decided to join forces and create Cztery Szpaki Brave Duo, thanks to which they have now become even more affordable. They are eager to hit the thatch of every city lumberjack and do order with whatever should be dealt. So – they will comprehensively cover the entire body’s skin and will pamper your hair and facial hair.

2x 110g

Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Brodomir Beard Oil

£6.37 £7.49

Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Brodomir Beard Oil cares for your beard, polishes it, softens it, and has antibacterial properties. It works comprehensively, thanks to which it will be an ideal product for lovers of cosmetic minimalism and at the same time a perfect complement to the well-known Brave Duo –  Wyrwidąb and Waligóra Soap for men.