Biolaven in UK! Biolaven is an organic and hypoallergenic line of daily care products created by Sylveco. Natural cosmetics with lavender and grape-seed oil.

The products have been created using the composition of lavender oil and grape-seed oil. Lavender is a plant that has been known for its relaxing, antiseptic and soothing properties for decades. The aromatic essence of the oil has been obtained from lavender flowers. Apart from lavender oil, another prime ingredient is grape seed oil, which is well-known for its nourishing, regenerating and anti-wrinkle properties. Grape seed oil also prevents the formation of blackheads, has a toning and anti-inflammatory effect and improves skin tone and firmness.

Biolaven products are lightly scented with the subtly sweet and juicy essence of grapes.

Naturalne kosmetyki w UK