Iossi in UK! Iossi products are made from carefully selected natural ingredients of the highest quality. Natural cosmetics that meet everyone’s needs.

The products contain natural and organic oils and butters, independently prepared plant extracts and essential oils. The ingredients come from Polish meadows as well as the farthest parts of the world.

One of the most important ingredients of Iossi products is organic shea butter, which is imported from Africa. The lavender oil comes from Bulgaria and rosehip oil comes from Chile. Aromatic sandalwood and patchouli are shipped from India. Linseed oil and hemp oil are found in our Polish ecological mills.

Iossi is characterised by carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality. Their products are developed in order to meet the needs of each of us. They are looking for effective solutions for sensitive, allergic and problematic complexion. Their goal is to create products that strengthen, protect and nourish the skin without doing it harm.

Naturalne kosmetyki w UK