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Nowa Kosmetyka “Shine naturally” Lip Gloss


When remembering the 90s, do you see yourself reading teenage mags with a fruity roll-on lip gloss at your side? We totally do! So do we… But if you don’t – we still recommend using roll-on lip gloss in glass packaging. Instead of a furiously fruity, artificial fragrance, the one by Nowa Kosmetyka contains unrefined rosehip oil which is fantastic and just as fruity. Our product also contains lanolin which has amazing protective properties. Instead of color, we focus on gloss, delivered by castor oil. It highlights the natural beauty of your lips.


Nowa Kosmetyka (Extra)ordinary Potassium Soap


Are you looking for something truly universal? We can honestly say that our soap is just like that. Gently greasy, with glycerin formed during saponification, it will treat your face and body kindly. At the same time, it washes very effectively, as potassium soap should. And, after dilution, it can be used as a shampoo.


Nowa Kosmetyka Extreme Cleansing Paste


Extreme Cleansing Paste is a product based on natural, grey potassium soap and essential oils. The paste effectively removes burnt stains and dirt from bathroom tiles and the shower cabin. It also has a herbal scent.


Nowa Kosmetyka Eye Cream “Morning Coffee, Evening Wine”


It goes without saying that it’s good to wake up full of energy and enthusiasm, with a head full of ideas. It’s also nice to fall asleep relaxed and satisfied with the day. We think the skin under your eyes deserves a similar feeling. That is why we have something for it that prepares it for the day like a little black coffee, and ensures relaxation like a glass of wine in the evening.


Nowa Kosmetyka Facial Serum “Liquid Balance”


The Liquid Balance serum is there to nourish the complexion but not to overload it. It can soothe anxiety caused by irritation, abrasion, acne. It will moisturize the skin well and keep it hydrated. It provides the ingredients that are important for brightening the complexion and unclogging skin pores, as well as for preventing signs of aging.


Nowa Kosmetyka Hair Mask “Keratin Shot”


When your hair needs protein, we recommend reaching for the ,,Keratin Shot”. This protein power cocktail will help fill small gaps in the hair structure, leaving it smooth and shiny, but it will also emphasise the hair structure and give it vigour and volume. Hair mask “Keratin shot” is a concentrated product with a high content of keratin, which we recommend using in small amounts as a shock treatment, once in a while, depending on the needs.


Nowa Kosmetyka Hop Shampoo Bar


Bar shampoo is already a modern classic. Bars take up little space, are efficient and convenient to travel with plus there’s no packaging that’s a challenge to recycle. However, the solid form has its requirements, for example, high cleaning agent content. This does not necessarily go hand in hand with the needs of dry hair and skin. Why not take advantage of the goodness of nature (and the experience of hair lovers) and replace some of the classic cleaning agents with rye flour, which perfectly absorbs dirt and at the same time cares for the hair leaving it smooth and soft? That’s what we did, creating our gentle shampoo bar.


Nowa Kosmetyka Nail Rescue Serum


Do you like when your nails are strong, healthy and shiny but, still, they play tricks on you? Or maybe you’ve recently removed gel or acrylic nails and are wondering how to quickly repair the damage and restore your nails’ good condition? The reason is not important here. If you no longer want your nails to break, split, develop bumps and become scratchy, then it seems we are brought here by a common goal.


Nowa Kosmetyka Rose and Honey Hair Mask


The mask can be used as an intensive moisturising and smoothing treatment for dry hair after washing, or used before washing to maintain the condition of normal hair. It is based on natural oils with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids (linseed and rosehip), especially recommended for hair of high porosity and weakened by colouring or styling.


Nowa Kosmetyka Scalp Serum “fewer problems, more hair”


Hair is both beautiful and unpredictable. It can have a bad day when it’s difficult to style or worse seasons when it falls out. Hair grows too slowly to get back into shape over a couple of days. Our serum helps prevent hair damage, stimulate hair growth, and strengthen the hair starting at the base.


Nowa Kosmetyka Toner “For scales, pores and other nightmares” Best before 19/08/21

£5.79 £6.99

It’s good to like your face and your skin the way it is! Still, wouldn’t you want to see it at its best? Smooth, lively, fabulously fresh… with fewer scales or enlarged pores and more natural glow. Our acid-based toner is an ally of this blissful condition.