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Resibo Beauty Box GOOD SKIN BASE


The gentle and soothing, yet effective action of the velvety face wash foam makes cleansing the skin a pleasure. The extract of Centella Asiatica contained in the foam has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The unique combination of three floral waters in the toner-mist provides the skin with moisture and a pleasant refreshment.  Jasmine water softens and moisturises and soothes irritation, while fig water purifies and tones.

Beauty Box GOOD SKIN BASE contains Velvety Foam Cleanser FRESH FACED and MR SOFT SKIN Hydrating Mist Toner


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Resibo Beauty Box GOOD SKIN BASE

Beauty Box GOOD SKIN BASE contains Velvety Foam Cleanser FRESH FACED and MR SOFT SKIN Hydrating Mist Toner.

1. Velvety Foam Cleanser FRESH FACED

The velvety foam face cleanser contains plant-based cleansing and irritation-soothing and moisturising substances. The ingredients have been selected so that cleansing is gentle, but at the same time – exceptionally effective. Green tea water has strong antioxidant properties. Centella Asiatica extract stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, thus ensuring that the skin is firm, elastic and properly moisturised. It also strengthens and makes blood vessels more flexible. Plant betaine soothes irritations, moisturises and makes the skin silky smooth to the touch. Acerola extract, rich in vitamin C, antioxidant bioflavonoids such as rutin and hesperidin, and mineral salts, strengthens and vitalises the skin, and moisturises and soothes it. Lime extract, rich in fruit acids, gently exfoliates dead skin, refreshes, tones and has an antibacterial effect. Neroli extract – a bitter orange – has a calming, antiseptic and antioxidant effect on the skin and effectively soothes irritation.

2. MR SOFT SKIN Hydrating Mist Toner

Significant moisturising and instant refreshing. Effective toning based on plant waters: ylang ylang water, jasmine water, fig water. Rye bio ferment strengthens and regenerates skin. D-Panthenol has a soothing effect. Vitamin PP (B3), or niacin, thanks to its ability to penetrate deep into the skin, soothes redness and irritation as well as roughness and inflammation. Mr Soft Skin is for everybody who needs to moisturise and soothe skin and to restore its proper pH, or who seeks instant refreshment during the day.

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