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Anwen ALU Moisturising Lilac Hair Conditioner (100ml)


Your hair is dry, rough and dull? This is a sign that they lack hydration! The strength of humectants contained in the conditioner makes the hair well moisturised, and therefore more shiny, smooth and elastic.


Anwen Bee My Baby Detangling Spray Conditioner for Kids


Is it possible to avoid tears while brushing children’s hair? Oh, yes. Now it is. The light spray Bee My Baby makes hair smoother, easier to comb, and less likely to tangle.


Anwen Cool Bananas Colour Cooling Mask for blond hair


Do you have blond hair and wish to keep its cool tones? Cool Bananas mask gives an ice-cold blond to your hair. No matter whether it is natural or dyed. Say goodbye to undesirable yellow hue forever.


Anwen Cotton Scrunchie


Beautiful, healthy, and conditioned hair requires a proper up-do and the right hair accessories. Forget about regular hair elastics, which can damage and mercilessly tear out your precious hair. Instead, try our soft scrunchies made of soft, smooth cotton.

Anwen Darling Clementine Scalp Soothing Serum


Moisturised, calm, and soothed scalp. Is it really possible? Use Darling Clementine serum and see the difference.


Anwen Grapes and Keratin Medium Porous Hair Mask (sachet)


Your hair is normal, but it can be difficult to handle?

It does not cause you problems, but sometimes it can do it?

Are you looking for the WOW effect, but without silicones?

This mask is for you!


Anwen Pina Lokada Curls and Waves Recover Spray


Bring back the curls and waves! Enjoy the natural beauty and excellent look of your hair for several days after washing. Thanks to linseed extracts and chia seeds, Pina Lokada effectively eliminates the frizz, defines and holds curls. The complex of polysaccharides extracted from almonds, marsh mallow (Althaea Officinalis L.), and flax create a biofilm on the surface of the hair that hydrates smoothes, and provides shine.

300 ml


Anwen PROtein – Ampoule Protein Treatment


The PROtein treatment will help to regenerate the damaged hair stem, smooth the hair, bring back its shine and the lost elasticity. Each ampoule contains four types of proteins of different molecular weights with maximum concentration (PROTEINS). In addition, the product contains moisturizing low-molecular hyaluronic acid (HUMECTANTS) and very light emollient in the formula of unique extracts derived from natural shea butter (EMOLIENTS).

The PROtein treatment set contains 4 glass ampoules (with screw metal caps) of 8 ml each.

Anwen Sleeping Beauty Night Mask for Hair with High Porosity


Fairy tale hairstyle?

See for yourself that it is possible.

The Sleeping Beauty night mask will take care of your hair intensively while you sleep well.


Anwen Summer Protect Hair Mist with UV filters


Summer Protect Mist is a sun, wind, and saltwater protector based on natural oils, including raspberry seed and wheat germ. The effectiveness of the mist comes from four photostable filters, protecting hair from both UVB and UVA radiation. The product does not contain alcohol. The nanoparticle hyaluronic acid derivative provides hair with long-lasting moisture.


SPF 10



Anwen Turban Dry It Up (dark purple)


Anwen Dry It Up turban is made of breathable and smooth bamboo viscose. It will become the best friend of every hair-conscious woman. The fabric, specially woven for us, absorbs water perfectly and the elastic loop secures the turban from unfolding. No more unflattering towel that constantly slips and unrolls. The smooth, soft turban in deep purple color allows you to take care of your hair easily and comfortably and also look stylish.