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Naturalne kosmetyki do pielęgnacji twarzy
kosmetyki naturalne do włosów

New Products

Anwen Wooden Hairbrush


Thoroughly combed hair without tugging, breaking or pulling? This wooden hairbrush can do it all… and more.

This wide, rectangular paddle brush gently brushes even long, thick hair. It does not increase static. Thanks to its flexible plastic pins and 100% rubber air cushion, it is also suitable for scalp massage.

Anwen Peace of Mint Shampoo Bar


Effectively cleansed scalp and refreshed hair? Try Peace of Mint, the new shampoo bar.

This shampoo bar with sweet mint fragrance is designed for normal skin or skin prone to excessive sebum secretion. Detergents of natural origin effectively remove impurities from scalp and hair, at the same time the shampoo formula remains gentle for skin.


Resibo Beauty Box CARE & GLOW


The eye cream brights up the look with its high concentration of caffeine, Kakadu plum extract, which is the richest source of vitamin C, and illuminating mica. Yellow mustard seed sprout extract combined with a unique combination of natural, plant-based waxes from mimosa flowers, jojoba and sunflower make this lip balm intensely firming, as well as moisturising and nourishing the skin of even the most chapped lips.

Beauty Box CARE & GLOW contains BRIGHT NOW Corrective Eye Cream and LIP LIP HOORAY! Soothing Lip Balm

Resibo Beauty Box GOOD SKIN BASE


The gentle and soothing, yet effective action of the velvety face wash foam makes cleansing the skin a pleasure. The extract of Centella Asiatica contained in the foam has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The unique combination of three floral waters in the toner-mist provides the skin with moisture and a pleasant refreshment.  Jasmine water softens and moisturises and soothes irritation, while fig water purifies and tones.

Beauty Box GOOD SKIN BASE contains Velvety Foam Cleanser FRESH FACED and MR SOFT SKIN Hydrating Mist Toner


Promotional products

Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Unscented Deodorant Cream

£7.64 £8.99

Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki has created a cosmetic that does not block the natural process of sweating. Sweating is good for your body – regulates its temperature, discharges unnecessary substances (including amino acids, calcium chlorides, urea, sodium, potassium) and toxins. However, it is hard not to notice that this phenomenon also has unpleasant sides – in particular, an unpleasant smell. Now imagine a cosmetic, which copes well with the “aromatic effects” associated with sweating, and is not an antiperspirant. Antiperspirant mechanically blocks this natural process and clogs the skin pores. Our deodorant does not fight with nature but effectively absorbs odour. It absorbs excess sweat, has bactericidal properties, soothes irritations (e.g. when shaving armpits), and leaves a long-lasting feeling of freshness. Cosmetic not only for women but also for men.


Vianek Gentle Moisturizing BB Cream SPF 15 Light Best before 12/21

£4.24 £8.49

Light, versatile formula for daily care and UV protection of all skin types, including sensitive and redness-prone skin. Features the barrier filters zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and contains no chemical filters. With soothing allantoin, moisturizing echinacea, and natural pigments to improve coloring and boost radiance. Suitable for use under make-up. May also be used in place of foundation.


BeBio Natural Shampoo for Dry Hair

£6.19 £6.49

BeBio natural shampoo for dry hair with extracts of lime, avocado, melon and fenugreek. Ideal for frequent use on dry hair. Specially selected ingredients of natural origin facilitate combing wet and dry hair and additionally give them volume and smoothness.


Sylveco for Baby Shampoo and Body Wash


Delicate no-tears formula for a daily care of the sensitive skin and hair of babies and children. It contains gentle yet effective cleansers that leave skin and hair soft and clean. With natural essential oil of relaxing clary sage and mild moisturizers to protect sensitive skin from irritation and dehydration. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested. Safe for newborns.


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