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Resibo MELT AWAY Balm Cleanser


Make-up removal was never so easy before! Pleasant, mango-scented body butter texture turns into oil with your body’s warmth. Just warm it up in your hands, spread on your face and rinse with warm water. It’s so little and so much for ultimately clean skin!


Resibo ALL CLEAN Creamy Purifying Clay Mask


Cleansing power of pink clay is combined with cosmetic ferments and a wide range of anti-oxidants, moisturising and soothing ingredients, for deep renewal of your skin. Regain your natural balance and discover healthy, flexible and youthful skin.


Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Round Tin for Shampoo/Conditioner


A perfect can for storing 4 Szpaki shampoo and/or conditioner bar. The high-quality print does not scratch off and is water resistant.

Capacity: 60 ml

Dimensions: 7 x 2,5 cm

Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Elderberry Hydrolate


4 Szpaki Hydrolate is formed during steam distillation of elderberry flowers. It is suitable for all skin types due to its pH, which is similar to the pH of the skin. Especially recommended for mature, dehydrated and sensitive skin. It has an antioxidant, illuminating and moisturizing effect. It will reduce the visibility of discolorations and scars, brighten the skin and unify its tone.


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Hagi Cosmetics Body Scrub with Hemp and Macadamia Seed Oil

£8.99 £9.29

Does your skin need refreshment and conditioning after exercise? If your answer is yes, this product is for you! Sugar peel removes dead skin cells, oils dry parts of the body, and gets rid of any feelings of tiredness. A rich variety of oils (poppy seed, hemp and macadamia) condition the skin. The poppy seeds themselves provide a subtle massage. Essential oils have a refreshing citrus aroma and contain menthol for a delicate cooling effect on the skin.

For dry and normal skin.


Hagi Cosmetics Body Scrub with Nutmeg and Cinnamon

£8.99 £9.29

Does your skin need warming up and conditioning in colder weather? If your answer is yes, this product will satisfy your needs! Cane sugar-based peel removes dead skin cells and oils dry parts of the body. Sugar grains provide a massage, while shea butter and grape seed oil condition and nourish the skin. The scents of citrus and spice introduce a good feeling and energize you during winter days.

For normal and dry skin.


Resibo Self Love. BB Cream


As you apply this lotion you will immediately notice its stellar effect. Your skin will still retain its natural beauty and will look decidedly healthier and smoother with an even tone. Imperfections become nearly invisible. BB cream is the perfect choice as an every-day makeup because it can be easily reapplied throughout the day without the worry of it being too heavy for your skin. Self love BB Cream is perfect for all skin types. Its consistency is light enough for those with oily skin to use without worrying about any undesired shininess, and thanks to the product’s moisturizing properties, it is also a great choice for people with dry skin.

Additionally, it contains a mineral SPF 6 sunscreen.


Resibo Self Love. BB Cream


Resibo Nourishing Body Lotion

£12.19 £13.99

Deeply moisturises all skin layers, leaving it silky smooth and firm. It is very light, so does not leave an oily residue. The magical scent of Tahitian Gardenia makes you feel like on a tropical island. The lotion is dedicated for every skin type. Moisturises and regenerates dry skin, smoothes and softens rough skin. It has strong antibacterial functions, crucial for people with a tendency to skin changes. It helps build a layer protecting from external factors such as strong sun or wind, so it works perfectly when applied during morning and evening care.


Best before: 05/21

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