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Hagi Cosmetics Body Scrub with Hemp and Macadamia Seed Oil

£9.68 £11.39

Does your skin need refreshment and conditioning after exercise? If your answer is yes, this product is for you! Sugar peel removes dead skin cells, oils dry parts of the body, and gets rid of any feelings of tiredness. A rich variety of oils (poppy seed, hemp and macadamia) condition the skin. The poppy seeds themselves provide a subtle massage. Essential oils have a refreshing citrus aroma and contain menthol for a delicate cooling effect on the skin.

For dry and normal skin.


Hagi Cosmetics Body Scrub with Nutmeg and Cinnamon


Does your skin need warming up and conditioning in colder weather? If your answer is yes, this product will satisfy your needs! Cane sugar-based peel removes dead skin cells and oils dry parts of the body. Sugar grains provide a massage, while shea butter and grape seed oil condition and nourish the skin. The scents of citrus and spice introduce a good feeling and energize you during winter days.

For normal and dry skin.


Hagi Cosmetics Body Scrub with Plum Kernel and Jojoba Oil


Are you looking for a truly effective skin conditioner? If your answer is yes, this product will satisfy your needs! This peel, based on the mineral-rich salts of Bochnia and Zabłocka salt, removes dead skin cells and oils dry parts of the body. A rich variety of oils (plum & apricot kernel, jojoba) condition and nourish. The scrub leaves your skin delicate, smooth, relaxed, and smelling of tasty marzipan.

For dry and normal skin.


Hagi Cosmetics Soap with Lineseed Oil and Poppy Seed Peeling


Handmade soap, produced using the “cold” technique from flax, sea buckthorn, castor and coconut oil and shea butter with the addition of poppy seeds and lemongrass, mint and grapefruit oil. Flax oil perfectly moisturises the horny layer of the skin and improves its flexibility. Sea buckthorn oil reduces skin dryness, soothes irritations, regenerates and nourishes skin cells. Poppy seeds exfoliate and gently cleanse the dry skin cells from the skin. The presence of essential oils refreshes the mind and the body. The product is recommended for all skin types.


Iossi Mandarin Orange. Body Scrub Best before 2/22

£9.37 £12.49

Iossi Mandarin Orange aromatic sugar scrub with citrus oils perfectly exfoliates dead epidermis, stimulates microcirculation and smoothes the skin, leaving it moisturised and supple.


Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Blackcurrant Soap – Peeling effect


The Blackcurrant soap has a beautiful blackberry shade, thanks to which it immediately catches the eye. It smells like ripe fruit picked straight from the bush somewhere in the shady forest. Juicy, sweet-sour aroma and delicate peeling properties are due to ground blackcurrant seeds, and geranium oil gives it a nice claw and freshness.


Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Melissa Pumpkin Soap Body Scrub


Soap Body Scrub with a powerful, refreshing aroma of lemon balm, mint, and lemon. The high content of shea butter and olive oil gives a beautiful, thick, stable foam and moisturizes your skin. The peeling effect was obtained by adding pumpkin seed pomace.


Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Rose & Baobab Body Scrub


Thanks to wild rose seed particles and cane sugar crystals, 4 Szpaki Rose & Baobab Body Scrub ideally exfoliates dead skin and stimulates circulation. The oils contained in it will leave the skin smooth, moisturized, and nourished. Baobab oil supports skin regeneration, moisturizes and nourishes, contains vitamins A, E, D, and F. Shea butter is a vitamin bomb – it makes the skin look younger, nourished, moisturized, and supple. Jojoba oil acts as an antioxidant, moisturises and softens, and linseed oil helps to maintain the water-fat balance of the skin in a healthy balance and helps remove free radicals.


Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Salty Lavender Body Scrub


4 Szpaki Salty Lavender Body Scrub made with sea salt and Himalayan salt is an extremely functional cosmetic. The salt contained in the product will wipe and remove dead and calloused epidermis from your body, it will also oxygenate your skin, balance its ph, act antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. Coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, candelilla wax – they create a wonderful, light, and nutritious layer for which your skin will be immeasurably grateful. Body scrub is packed in a glass jar.



Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Strawberry & Verbena Body Scrub


This cosmetic resembling strawberry sorbet looks like a dessert for the skin with a wonderful sweet and sour fragrance. The combination of sugar crystals, ground strawberry seeds and walnut shells perfectly fulfils the scrub function – exfoliates dead epidermis, smoothes and firms the skin. The scrub is based on an emollient composition containing shea butter, oils: from sweet almonds, sunflower, jojoba and strawberry, argan as well as candelilla wax. As a result, it leaves a delicate protective film on the skin, and after using it you may not need any lotion whatsoever.


Resibo Regenerating Body Scrub

£15.29 £17.99

Effective exfoliation and intensive regeneration after a single application. The scrub instantly makes even very tired and dry skin smooth, soft, thoroughly moisturised and firm. The calloused layer of the epidermis disappears and carefully selected active ingredients instantly stimulate the skin to produce new, healthy cells. It is perfect for every skin type intensively exfoliates and regenerates even very dry skin, moisturises and prevents transepidermal water loss. Provides the feeling of ultimately smooth, soft, and clean skin.


Vianek Energizing Body Detox Scrub


Exfoliating body scrub for all skin types featuring milk thistle seeds and salt crystals to slough off dead skin, remove toxins, and visibly improve skin tone. Moisturizing olive oil and vitamin E formula for skin that is protected and conditioned. With stimulating eucalyptus oil to promote regeneration of tissue and a lively fragrance for an awakening sensory experience.


Vianek Firming Body Smoothing Scrub


Exfoliating body scrub with raspberry seeds and sugar crystals to slough off dead skin, promote smoothness and moisturize deeply. Features stimulating cinnamon oil to enhance firmness and combat cellulite. With a delicious fragrance for an engaging sensory experience. Visibly improves the appearance of skin after every use.


Vianek Gentle Body Smoothing Scrub Best before end 1/22

£5.54 £7.39

Exfoliating body scrub with finely ground elderberry seeds and sugar crystals to slough off dead skin, promote hydration, and improve elasticity. With coconut oil and vitamin E to soothe and soften sensitive, irritation-prone skin. Formulated with a delicate floral fragrance for an experience that engages the senses. Visibly improves the appearance of skin after every use.


Vianek Nourishing Body Smoothing Scrub


Rich exfoliating formula with sugar crystals and ground apricot kernels to slough off dead skin cells and nourish the skin. Sea buckthorn and apricot oils offer vitamin and an antioxidant boost to improve circulation and visibly enhance skin tone even after just one use. With a deliciously fruity fragrance for an enticing sensory experience.