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Resibo Glow Mastertouch Body Balm Best before 5/22

£15.99 £21.99

Improve the skin’s appearance with a single swipe of your hand. Your skin will glow beautifully in any light and be photoshoot-ready instantly. A mixture of many different illuminating particles in multiple shades that create a shimmering surface adapting to any skin tone. It is light on the skin, evens out any discoloration, and is also highly moisturising.


Resibo Glow Superstar Body Balm Best before 5/22

£12.99 £21.99

The glow of summer on your skin all year long. A natural, healthy-looking tan, just like after the holidays. Beautifully illuminates your skin and gives it a healthy, rich tone. A radiant glow and tan with color-correcting properties. Evens out skin imperfections and discolorations. It also provides a highly moisturizing level and a visually slimming effect on your body.