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Anwen Cotton Scrunchie


Beautiful, healthy, and conditioned hair requires a proper up-do and the right hair accessories. Forget about regular hair elastics, which can damage and mercilessly tear out your precious hair. Instead, try our soft scrunchies made of soft, smooth cotton.

Anwen Darling Clementine Scalp Soothing Serum


Moisturised, calm, and soothed scalp. Is it really possible? Use Darling Clementine serum and see the difference.


Anwen Eco Hairbrush


Are you looking for a brush that doesn’t tug or damage your hair? Or maybe one that gently but thoroughly brushes your hair? This is exactly what this Eco Hairbrush does thanks to its spiral shape and flexible nylon needles.

Anwen Grapes and Keratin Medium Porous Hair Mask


Your hair is normal, but it can be difficult to handle? Are you looking for the WOW effect, but without silicones? This mask is for you!


Anwen Grow Me Tender Herbal Warming Scalp Lotion


Are you growing your hair? Or maybe you are struggling with hair loss and want to stimulate your roots? Grow Me Tender is a herbal scalp treatment that will help you.


Anwen Happy Ends Serum for the Protection of Hair Ends


Happy Ends smoothing serum for hair ends, in the form of butter, protects the hair from mechanical damage as well as high and low temperature.


Anwen Pina Lokada Curls and Waves Recover Spray


Bring back the curls and waves! Thanks to linseed extracts and chia seeds, Pina Lokada effectively eliminates the frizz, defines and holds curls.

300 ml


Anwen PROtein – Ampoule Protein Treatment


The PROtein treatment will help to regenerate the damaged hair stem, smooth the hair, bring back its shine and the lost elasticity.

The PROtein treatment set contains 4 glass ampoules (with screw metal caps) of 8 ml each.

Anwen Pump It Up Hair Mist


Struggling with frizzy, volumised hair? Pump It Up Hair Mist lifts and volumises hair at the roots, thanks to natural linseed and marshmallow root extract. It helps to visually thicken hair without making it sticky or forming a stiff helmet.


Anwen Shake Your Hair Nutricosmetic


A daily portion of Shake Your Hair will supplement your diet with key ingredients for health, condition and appearance of your hair.

360 g (30 days of treatment).

Anwen Shake Your Hair Nutricosmetic – Refill


A daily portion of Shake Your Hair will supplement your diet with key ingredients for health, condition and appearance of your hair.

360 g (30 days of treatment)

Anwen Sleeping Beauty Night Mask for Hair with High Porosity (sachet)


Fairy tale hairstyle? See for yourself that it is possible. Sleeping Beauty night mask will take care of your hair intensively while you sleep well.


Anwen Summer Protect Hair Mist with UV filters

£8.24 £9.69

Summer Protect Mist is a sun, wind, and saltwater protector based on natural oils, including raspberry seed and wheat germ. The effectiveness of the mist comes from four photostable filters, protecting hair from both UVB and UVA radiation. The product does not contain alcohol.



Anwen Turban Wrap It Up (black)


Turban Wrap It Up, made of breathable, absorbent and smooth cotton, is the best friend of every woman who consciously cares for her hair. Thanks to the small addition of elastane, it stays great on your head and the rubber loop protects it from accidental unwinding.

Anwen Wheat and Cocoa Sprouts Mask for High Porosity Hair


Your hair is getting frizzy, dry and brittle? It’s a sign that this mask is for you! Intensively nourishes and makes the hair more flexible, smooth and shiny thanks to optimally matched oils.


Anwen Wooden Hairbrush


Thoroughly combed hair without tugging, breaking or pulling? This wooden hairbrush can do it all… and more.

This wide, rectangular paddle brush gently brushes even long, thick hair. It does not increase static. Thanks to its flexible plastic pins and 100% rubber air cushion, it is also suitable for scalp massage.

Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Birch Tar Soap for Skin Problems


Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Birch Tar Soap is a soap for special tasks. Added in 2% soap mass, birch tar is obtained during the dry distillation process of birch wood, called pyrolysis. It has antiseptic, bactericidal, disinfectant, antipruritic, anti-dandruff, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties. In addition, birch tar has the effect of mild anesthesia, which has a positive effect on the well-being of people with skin problems. This excellent soap should handle, among others itching, acne, dandruff (yes – you can wash your hair with it), blackheads.


Nowa Kosmetyka Hair Mask “Keratin Shot”


When your hair needs protein, we recommend reaching for the ,,Keratin Shot”. This protein power cocktail will help fill small gaps in the hair structure, leaving it smooth and shiny, but it will also emphasise the hair structure and give it vigour and volume.


Nowa Kosmetyka Rose and Honey Hair Mask


The mask can be used as an intensive moisturising and smoothing treatment for dry hair after washing, or used before washing to maintain the condition of normal hair. It is based on natural oils with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids (linseed and rosehip), especially recommended for hair of high porosity and weakened by colouring or styling.


Nowa Kosmetyka Scalp Serum “fewer problems, more hair”


Hair is both beautiful and unpredictable. It can have a bad day when it’s difficult to style or worse seasons when it falls out. Our serum helps prevent hair damage, stimulate hair growth, and strengthen the hair starting at the base.