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Anwen Darling Clementine Scalp Soothing Serum


Moisturised, calm, and soothed scalp. Is it really possible? Use Darling Clementine serum and see the difference.


Anwen Grow Me Tender Herbal Warming Scalp Lotion


Are you growing your hair? Or maybe you are struggling with hair loss and want to stimulate your roots? Grow Me Tender is a herbal scalp treatment that will help you.


Anwen Turban Wrap It Up (black)


Turban Wrap It Up, made of breathable, absorbent and smooth cotton, is the best friend of every woman who consciously cares for her hair. Thanks to the small addition of elastane, it stays great on your head and the rubber loop protects it from accidental unwinding.

Anwen Wooden Hairbrush


Thoroughly combed hair without tugging, breaking or pulling? This wooden hairbrush can do it all… and more.

This wide, rectangular paddle brush gently brushes even long, thick hair. It does not increase static. Thanks to its flexible plastic pins and 100% rubber air cushion, it is also suitable for scalp massage.

Nowa Kosmetyka Scalp Serum “fewer problems, more hair”


Hair is both beautiful and unpredictable. It can have a bad day when it’s difficult to style or worse seasons when it falls out. Our serum helps prevent hair damage, stimulate hair growth, and strengthen the hair starting at the base.