Anwen in UK! Hair care products tailored to different types of hair porosity. Check out Anwen shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and hair oils!

The Anwen brand represents an innovative and conscious approach to hair care based on their expertise and many years of experience. They are the first brand in Poland to consider hair porosity as an important factor when creating their products.

Different types of hair porosity (high, low and medium) requires different types of conditioning substances. Selecting the right active ingredients for different hair porosity is crucial in order to obtain a positive effect on both the condition and appearance of the hair. Furthermore, the brand maintains the balance between the proteins, emollients and humectants in their hair care products. These concepts ensure that Anwen cosmetics are tailored to the specific needs of the hair, and therefore are more effective.

Due to the optimally selected ingredients, the high porosity hair regains its lost shine and becomes smoother, while the low porous one gains the lacked volume and lightness. The quality of Anwen products is based on the rich compositions and a high concentration of the active substances.

Naturalne kosmetyki w UK

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