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Anwen Cotton Scrunchie


Beautiful, healthy, and conditioned hair requires a proper up-do and the right hair accessories. Forget about regular hair elastics, which can damage and mercilessly tear out your precious hair. Instead, try our soft scrunchies made of soft, smooth cotton.

Anwen Eco Hairbrush


Are you looking for a brush that doesn’t tug or damage your hair? Or maybe one that gently but thoroughly brushes your hair? This is exactly what this Eco Hairbrush does thanks to its spiral shape and flexible nylon needles.

Anwen Turban Dry It Up (dark purple)


Anwen Dry It Up turban is made of breathable and smooth bamboo viscose. It will become the best friend of every hair-conscious woman. The fabric, specially woven for us, absorbs water perfectly and the elastic loop secures the turban from unfolding. No more unflattering towel that constantly slips and unrolls.

Anwen Turban Wrap It Up (black)


Turban Wrap It Up, made of breathable, absorbent and smooth cotton, is the best friend of every woman who consciously cares for her hair. Thanks to the small addition of elastane, it stays great on your head and the rubber loop protects it from accidental unwinding.

Anwen Wooden Hairbrush


Thoroughly combed hair without tugging, breaking or pulling? This wooden hairbrush can do it all… and more.

This wide, rectangular paddle brush gently brushes even long, thick hair. It does not increase static. Thanks to its flexible plastic pins and 100% rubber air cushion, it is also suitable for scalp massage.

Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Linen Bag for Soap/Shampoo Bar


A bar soap or shampoo linen bag is the perfect option for those who don’t like soap dishes in the shower and are looking for a more convenient way to store their bar soap or shampoo. The linen, soft, quick-drying pouch with the bar inside can be soaked under water and directly soaped in your hands.

Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Round Tin for Shampoo/Conditioner


A perfect can for storing 4 Szpaki shampoo and/or conditioner bar. The high-quality print does not scratch off and is water resistant.

Capacity: 60 ml

Dimensions: 7 x 2,5 cm

Resibo Hair Band (Microfiber)


Make-up removal, washing your face, exfoliating, or other beauty treatment taking place in your home SPA will never be the same again. No more accidental damping of your hair and unwished strands of hair sticking to your skin. This new cosmetic headband will facilitate your daily care routine.