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BeBio Natural Moisturising and Nourishing Micellar Water


BeBio natural moisturising and nourishing micellar water contains 99% ingredients of natural origin. The rich composition of ingredients removes makeup and impurities. Additionally, it moisturises and nourishes, leaving the skin beautiful, smooth and without irritation.


BeBio Natural Moisturising Face Wash Gel


Natural Moisturizing Face Wash Gel contains 99% ingredients of natural origin. The rich composition of ingredients perfectly cleanses the skin, soothes irritations, while moisturising and refreshing, leaving it beautiful, smooth and soothed.


Biolaven Face Cleansing Gel Best before end 1/22

£4.34 £5.79

Hydrating and refreshing facial wash for gentle removal of make-up and impurities. Mild cleansers and a balanced pH protect the skin’s own lipid barrier. Grapeseed oil conditions and prevents dryness. Essential oil of lavender offers antiseptic properties while the therapeutic aroma of Provence in the summertime refreshes and rejuvenates. Daily use leaves skin clean, clear and radiant. Dermatologically tested.


Biolaven Micellar Cleansing Water Best before 11/21

£2.89 £5.79

Gentle yet effective cleanser for removing make-up and impurities while hydrating and conditioning sensitive skin. Safe for use in the eye area and formulated to wipe away even long-wearing and waterproof make-up. Refreshing essential oil of lavender evokes Provence in the summertime while soothing and hydrating the skin. Dermatologically tested.


Iossi Charcoal. Purifying Facial Cleansing Paste


Gentle paste to support facial cleansing rituals. It has a deep cleansing, moisturising and refreshing effect. Particularly recommended for combination, oily and acne-prone skin. After its application, the skin becomes noticeably smooth without any feeling of tightness.


Iossi Chocolate Orange. Revitalizing-Relaxing Mask


Revitalizing and relaxing mask for face, neck and décolleté. The skin will be smoothed, its colour will be revitalised and pores cleansed and narrowed.



Iossi Cranberry Rosehip. Antioxidant Red Clay Mask

£9.77 £11.49

Cranberry Rosehip mask for the face, neck and décolleté. The skin will be smoothed, its colour will be revitalised and pores cleansed and diminished.


Iossi Plum. Hydrophilic Cleansing Oil. Makeup Remover and Face Wash.


Hydrophilic make-up remover oil that combines with water to form a pleasant milky emulsion. Cleanses the skin thoroughly, leaving it moisturised, smoothed and refreshed. Deeply cleanses enlarged pores without any unpleasant tightening effect.


Iossi Rice Coconut. Moisturising and Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Paste


An extremely delicate paste supporting facial cleansing rituals with purifying, slightly exfoliating and microcirculation stimulating properties. Dedicated to dry, mature and sensitive skin.


Iossi Rice Foam. Moisturising, gentle facial foaming cleanser

£13.99 £14.49

Extremely gentle and moisturising foam for daily facial cleansing. Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive ones. Effectively removes make-up without causing a feeling of tightness. After using it, the skin is visibly refreshed, smooth and soft to the touch.


Iossi Safflower. Light Facial Cleansing Oil


Extremely gentle, 100% natural make-up remover oil. Thoroughly cleanses the skin from make-up residues and impurities, has a soothing and regenerating effect. Leaves the skin nourished and moisturised.


Nowa Kosmetyka (Extra)ordinary Potassium Soap Best before 19/2/22

£4.49 £5.99

Are you looking for something truly universal? We can honestly say that our soap is just like that. Gently greasy, with glycerin formed during saponification, it will treat your face and body kindly. At the same time, it washes very effectively, as potassium soap should. And, after dilution, it can be used as a shampoo.


Nowa Kosmetyka Toner “For scales, pores and other nightmares” Best before 19/08/21

£1.99 £6.99

It’s good to like your face and your skin the way it is! Still, wouldn’t you want to see it at its best? Smooth, lively, fabulously fresh… with fewer scales or enlarged pores and more natural glow. Our acid-based toner is an ally of this blissful condition.


Resibo ALL CLEAN Creamy Purifying Clay Mask


Cleansing power of pink clay is combined with cosmetic ferments and a wide range of anti-oxidants, moisturising and soothing ingredients, for deep renewal of your skin. Regain your natural balance and discover healthy, flexible and youthful skin.


Resibo Beauty Box GOOD SKIN BASE


The gentle and soothing, yet effective action of the velvety face wash foam makes cleansing the skin a pleasure. The extract of Centella Asiatica contained in the foam has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The unique combination of three floral waters in the toner-mist provides the skin with moisture and a pleasant refreshment.  Jasmine water softens and moisturises and soothes irritation, while fig water purifies and tones.

Beauty Box GOOD SKIN BASE contains Velvety Foam Cleanser FRESH FACED and MR SOFT SKIN Hydrating Mist Toner


Resibo Beauty Box HAPPY SKIN


Gentle yet effective action of the face wash gel is due to the oat extract, which not only cleanses but also nourishes the skin, preventing it from drying out. Toner, thanks to a combination of rhubarb root extract, damask rose water, orange blossom and hyaluronic acid, tones and soothes the skin while being an extremely effective moisturising essence.

Beauty Box HAPPY SKIN contains Moisturising Essence. Toner and Natural Face Washing Gel with Peach Extract

Resibo BORN TO BE MILD Soothing Prebiotic Cleanser


A perfect way to cleanse your sensitive skin! Gently removes impurities, soothes and relieves irritations. Moisturises and prevents transepidermal water loss. Contains inulin – chicory prebiotic that strengthens natural protective barrier of your skin.


Resibo Cleansing Oil


Removes all skin impurities and dissolves sebum. Removes even waterproof make-up without causing irritation. Leaves your skin soft and well-nourished. Suitable for all skin types: nourishes and moisturises dry skin, regulates combination skin, and oily skin. The microfibre cloth attached to the product gently scrubs the skin.


Resibo Hair Band (Microfiber)


Make-up removal, washing your face, exfoliating, or other beauty treatment taking place in your home SPA will never be the same again. No more accidental damping of your hair and unwished strands of hair sticking to your skin. This new cosmetic headband will facilitate your daily care routine.

Resibo Have Some Tan! Natural Self-Tanning Toner


Exceptionally friendly way of gaining an effect of beautiful, healthy tan in just a few hours. Carefully composed ingredients make your skin look subtly tanned without exposing it to sun rays. No smudges, no discolouration, just an amazing glow effect.