After-Summer Skin Care – What To Look Out For?

After-summer skin care

The days are getting shorter, the evenings cooler and the scent of summer is in the air. We will have to prepare for temperature changes, but most importantly, let’s pay attention to our skin – it may also need changes. Perhaps it is drier than usual? Or is it discoloured?

The needs of our skin change with the seasons. In the summer, many people give up heavier creams in favour of delicate, fast-absorbing products that do not weigh the skin down. However, at the beginning of autumn, it may turn out that the complexion needs more hydration and nourishment, and even soothe or lighten the brown spots that suddenly appear on the face. What skin care products and care changes should I apply to restore my skin’s balance after the summer?

Gentle cleansing

Gentle Cleansing

Often during the summer, our skin seems to become more oily. That’s why we are inclined to use more purifying cosmetics. Cleansing products, which contain SLS/SLES, purify the skin strongly, which in turn can lead to the opposite effect – the skin defends itself and begins to become even more oily. It may also react with irritation or dehydration after prolonged use of this type of cosmetics.

It is good to think about changing cleansing products to softer ones with mild detergents. Thanks to them, we will not damage the natural protective coat of the skin and keep it properly moisturised.

Resibo Natural Face Washing Gel with Peach Extract, which additionally contains moisturising and protective betaine, oat extract rich in proteins and strongly nourishing peach extract, will work well here. We recommend this cleansing product for every season.

Moisturising and nourishing

In the summer, our skin usually does not need cosmetics with a concentrated texture. However, in the autumn, the skin may seem stretched and dry, and therefore it is worth changing to a more moisturising and nourishing cream. A great product for the autumn will be SVOJE Lady’s Mantle regenerating cream. Thanks to the addition of green tea, plant proteins and natural emollients such as cupuacu butter or jojoba oil, it will strongly nourish the skin and repair micro-damages caused by the sun. The Nourishing Liniment Polny Warkocz will work in a similar way. It will soothe dry and tired skin thanks to the content of baikaline from the Baikal Thyroid and regenerating oil from field poppy seeds. The formula of these creams will improve hydration of the skin and its maximum nourishment.

It’s a good idea to include serum in our skincare routine, which will strengthen the beneficial effects of the cream. We particularly recommend hyaluronic acid (humectant), which occurs naturally in our skin and it’s role is to retain moisture. Adding drops of SVOJE Triple Hyaluronic Acid 3% to the cream or oil will enhance its moisturising effect.

Reduction of discolouration

Face serum

As a consequence of excessive exposure to the sun, discolouration may occur. In the case of pigmented spots, it is best to assume “prevention is better than cure”, but when you notice light brown, irregular spots on your skin, it is worth thinking about including products with Vitamin C in the skin care routine. This popular ingredient limits the production of melanin, i.e. skin pigment and thus lightens discolouration. Moreover, it evens out skin tone and is an effective antioxidant.

Vitamin C can be found in the Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki Face Serum with Red Clover Flower and Vitamin C. This serum is a mixture of oils from sweet almonds, avocado and argan oils with macerates from rose petals (it also lightens discolourations!), aloe vera and vitamins C and E. Such a composition will not only brighten the complexion but also nourish and regenerate it. Remember to use the oil serum on wet skin, preferably sprayed with a hydrolate or water-based lubricated serum (e.g. with hyaluronic acid from SVOJE).

As you can see, a few small changes in skin care routine will help keep our skin in good condition. It is, therefore, worthwhile to pay attention to it during the changing season and focus on its current needs, thus avoiding more serious skin problems and discomfort.

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